Established in 1957, Thomas Mountain Family Farm dba Appalachian Foothills Farm is a three generation, over 6 decade-old family farm in Cedartown, Georgia.  What started out as a homestead for ML Thomas (first generation), raising cattle and producing a garden, led to operating a commercial chicken farm from the 1960’s to the early 2000’s.

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2008, Larry Thomas (second generation) shut down the chicken houses and the farm became dormant for several years.  After serving in the US Army, Zach Thomas (third generation) decided to homestead on the farm in 2013 with a desire to raise his children where he grew up.  Over the last decade, inspired by White Oak Pastures and the regenerative agriculture movement, Zach’s goal is to bring the farm back to life!

We opened a small farm store on the property in 2022.  We currently offer raw honey and products made from bee’s wax.  As we continue to grow our farm, our products will include grass-fed beef, farm fresh eggs, dried herbs, spices and mixtures.

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